Christ Wash Systems – SB-Saugsysteme نظام مكنسة مركزي كريست الماني مع ضمان

$25,000.00 $9,000.00

Central vacuum system

The central vacuum system

The perfect complement to wash centers with increased wash and vacuum revenue. Depending upon the individual operation philosophy, this system can be operated as a supplementary customer offer at charge or as a customer bonus free-of-charge (customer pays for vacuuming in the previously purchased car wash). The amount of vacuum bays and the positioning of the vacuum bays can be selected as required. The distance between the vacuum bays and the central vacuum unit is minimized in order to guarantee the best possible vacuum results. The central suction line can be mounted on either an existing, adequate roof support or on the support columns of a projected roof or alternatively on a free-standing support system from Christ. Vehicles can be vacuumed with unlimited access via the upper hose inlet. The vacuum bays can be planned continuously without ground upturns between the spaces. Vacuum units can also be designed so that each vacuum bay can be equipped with a suction hose for each side of the vehicle.

Single vacuum Basic model



Housing for both variants. Housing for either the SOLO-TURBO with a suction device (suction and coin insertion on the right side) or for the DUO-TURBO with double suction device (hose and coin insertion right and/or left). A powerful and low wear turbo version (side channel blower) is used for the suction device. This is alternatively obtainable for connection to a 230 V or a 400 V supply. The contrived filter chamber system with front-side safe door offers pressure stability and easy access to fine filter. The 20 litre easy waste box with interlocking lever makes dirt removal fast and easy. The coin examiner is designed for insertion of 1 coin or 1 coin + token and is integrated in the side of the housing above the vacuum hose reel. Reading devices for pay keys or transponder cards can be installed beside coin insertion upon request. Operation time per suction cycle can be individually set. The amount of turnover can be checked at any time on the coin counter device.

Serially included: Premium textile vacuum hose with flexible nozzle for groove cleaning Light, flexible and sturdy – for more vacuum comfort.

LED Strips installed in the rim of the cover (colour white)

Illuminates the vacuum housing, especially eye-catching at dusk.

Christ Wash Systems – SB-Saugsysteme

For large washing centres with a high demand for vacuum systems, Christ offers the central vacuum system Hurricane for up to 20 car vacuum systems. Depending on the business model, this can be carried out as a vacuum unit against payment or as a free offer (included in the car wash). Hurricane is a flexible system that adapts optimally to local conditions.


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